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rhinoplasty Dubai

Rhinoplasty Dubai | Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Dubai

Rhinoplasty Dubai | Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Dubai


You have the right to be the most beautiful person. It is good to be self-conscious. An aesthetic nose and balanced face (facial symmetry) give you self-confidence and promote self-love. If you think your nose does not suit you. You have the best chance to get a rhinoplasty Dubai.

With this surgery, you can achieve the perfect nose you always wanted. The wideness and bumps can be natural or due to an accident. Regardless of your reason to get a rhinoplasty, it works magically.

You will be glad to know about wide nose rhinoplasty. Moreover, Dubai is the Middle East’s “Plastic Surgery Hub”. Here, you can find the best nose surgeons at low costs. Read this article and gear up to get an aesthetic nose surgery!


A wide nose rhinoplasty is a famous and common cosmetic surgery of the nose. After COVID-19, around 6 million men and women had a rhinoplasty. It gives permanent and life-lasting results. This surgery can remove nose fat and make it look slimmer and straight.

It is a less costly and least painful plastic surgery. You need 15,000 to 70,000 AED for Rhinoplasty in Dubai. The nose surgery in Dubai cost is not specified. But it is shown in a range as the final cost depends on the surgeon and the work required.

Being an out-patient surgery, it takes less time and bears less pain. The recovery span is 1 year long. But no need to panic about it. The slower it moves the better results it will get to you.


So, you want an attractive and charismatic face. But you think that the central point of your face, that is your nose, does not let you look good. Do not let a wide nose hold you back any longer. Consider a nose plastic surgery today.

Some other reasons can be like, you wished to have a sharp and beautiful nose lift. You have an ethnic big wide nose that you do not like. It would also help if you had a nose straightening surgery after an accident.

You may need to get a nose-slimming surgery for a fat nose. Unfortunately, you got a by-birth nasal or outer nose impairment. Now, your doctor recommended nose surgery to improve breathing power. You can require a rhinoplasty due to deviated septum to open your closed airways.

It can be due to you do not like bumps and wide nostrils of your nose. You think your nose makes your face look asymmetrical. There is an important thing to notice. Naturally, your face is asymmetrical. Thus, the rhinoplasty does not give 100% outcomes.


Medical treatments and medicines have their side effects. But cosmetic surgeries, especially rhinoplasty, are the safest ones. You must consider them before undergoing the surgery.

If you feel any of these risks after surgery, you can visit your nose surgeon. Notable risks are:

  • Bruises, scars, and swelling for 1-2 months
  • Unstoppable, heavy or frequent bleeding from your nose
  • Infection and allergy in your nose and face
  • Scarring with discoloration of your skin
  • Internal damage in your nose
  • Unbearable pain and numbness
  • Unusual healing period
  • Disappointing asymmetrical results
  • Another nasal surgery
  • Hole in nasal septum (the divider of nose)
  • Anesthesia reactions
  • Breathing difficulties


Rhinoplasty is a less painful and short surgery. It has some before and after requirements. Your must understand and fulfill these vital requirements.

  •         Before Rhinoplasty:

o   Visit an expert doctor with your medical history.

o   Get physical and mental examinations by the doctor.

o   Be clear about your expectations from the wide nose rhinoplasty.

o   You have a fully grown nose. It means your age is above 15 years.

o   You want to go through the process for your happiness.

o   You have done detailed discussion with an expert surgeon.

o   You have thoroughly read all the risks and limits of rhinoplasty.

o   Stop smoking, caffeine, and vaping 2 weeks earlier.

o   Stop taking anti-inflammatory medications and aspirin 15 days earlier. As it will cause heavy bleeding.

o   You have one person to drive you back home.

  •         After Rhinoplasty:

After a rhinoplasty Dubai, you need to avoid these things and follow your doctor’s discretion. Stop:

o   Any activity with your nose for 2-3 weeks.

o   Exercise and swimming for 1-2 months.

o   Wearing glasses for 1-2 months.

o   Sleeping on the sides or stomach for 1-2 months.

o   Lowering your head and lifting weights for 1-2 months.

o   Hard breathing, coughing, and sneezing for a few weeks.

o   Smoking, vaping, caffeine, aspirin for 2 weeks.

HOW LONG IS A NOSE JOB PROCEDURE? (It will not take much time!)

Rhinoplasty surgery is an outpatient surgery that takes only 1.5 – 3 hours. After that you can ask someone to drive you, home. The doctor will put splints on the outside or inside of your nose depending on the type of surgery you went through. The main two types of rhinoplasty in Dubai are:

  •         Open Rhinoplasty:

The incisions are performed on the outer skin and base of your nose. The rhinoplasty specialist cuts your nose from the outside and separates the nostrils. The major nose reshaping procedure is carried out this way. It lets the surgeon have a better look at the soft tissues of your nose.

  •         Closed Rhinoplasty:

The name indicates that this procedure is carried inside your nose. The skin is separated from the bone and cartilage. It provides a wider view of your nose. The nasal surgeons use this method to reshape, resize, remove, and rearrange the nasal parts. Minor rhinoplasty is implemented with this method.


Read the following procedures that a rhinoplasty surgeon can apply on your nose to make it charming. None of them is painful or lengthy.

1.    Alar Base Reduction:

The area consisting of your cheeks, nostrils, and lips join is called a alar base. Actually, this portion of your face makes your nostrils appear wider.

This technique eradicates surplus tissues from your alar base. When additional fats and tissues are removed, your nose becomes slimmer and your face becomes eye-catching.

2.    Septoplasty:

The septoplasty reshapes the nose at the septum. You might be thinking of septum. It is the middle line that separates your nostrils from each other. It is made up of cartilage and bone.

If this nasal septum deviates, it can cause serious breathing issues. When thinking of looks, it widens the nose. Thus, septoplasty can increase the breathing power and reshape it.

3.    Osteotomy:

Nasal bone reshaping is called osteotomy. The surgeon will breakdown the upper nasal bones into small pieces to rearrange it. This breaking and rearrangement narrows the nose bridge.

This surgery can be performed on middle or outer sections of nose, too. It can be achieved via open or closed rhinoplasty types. The surgeon decides which part of your nose is to be removed or torn.

4.    Bulbous Tip Nose Job (Tiplasty):

Bulbous tip nose Job or Tiplasty is a specific procedure used to cure a big wide nose. Another name of this surgery is cartilage reduction. Doom-shaped, enlarged noses having bulbous nasal tips can be treated with this procedure.

Tiplasty is a very simple surgery. The surgeon reshapes or resize the lower lateral cartilage of your nose. It reduces the nostril size and makes them look slimer and smooth.

5.    Non-Surgical Procedure of Rhinoplasty:

There is a non-surgical way to get rhinoplasty. It is for people who fear surgeries. Medically it is called as “Liquid Nose Job”. You can consider it as a camouflage or magic of contouring makeup.

Just like makeup can vanish the bumps of nose. Liquid Nose job does the same thing. Contouring is used in this method to make your nose appear straighter and narrower.

Surgical rhinoplasty is complex than non-surgical one. But prior lasts till last breath and later lasts for just 6 months. It is the same as makeup with a little bit more lasting power. It is not recommended due to least effectiveness and temporariness.


  •         Surgery:

The nose operation is a 1.5 to 3-hour procedure. It is an outpatient surgery. You can leave the hospital after surgery. There is no need to stay. At first, you get anesthesia. It can be of two types. General anesthesia makes your whole body and mind fall asleep.

While in local anesthesia, your nose is numb, but your body and mind are awake. The rhinoplasty specialist decides from the methods mentioned above, to proceed. Extra cartilage is taken from the nasal septum (the central wall between nostrils), ear, or ribs.

Nasal surgery can leave scars, but they heal soon. Finally, the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai puts splints inside or outside the nose. It depends on the type of rhinoplasty used. These splints retain the new size and shape.

  •         Post-Surgical Care:

You will feel dizzy after the surgery due to anesthesia. Go back to home with your friend or family member. Ask him/her to stay with you for a day or two. Follow the advice of your doctor. Take care of yourself. You only have to revisit your nose surgeon when you face:

o   Nausea on an almost daily basis

o   Difficulty in breathing with nose

o   Any infection around the nose or on the face

o   Uncontrollable pain

o   Frequent bleeding from the nose


It is a permanent change in your nose that will last till your last breath. The splints will stay with your nose for almost 1 week. Scars and bruises will fade off within 2-4 weeks. Till then avoid any activity with your nose.

Try to sneeze, breathe, and cough gently. Do not wash and touch your nose brutally. You have to wait for 1-2 months. To do a workout or swim. Also, to do weightlifting and head lowering.

Even wearing your glasses needs great care. If you like to sleep with your back upwards or side downwards. You have to wait for 1-2 months. The intake of caffeine, vaping, cigarettes, and aspirin is not allowed for 2 weeks.

As your blood can become thin and cause heavy bleeding. The healing time lasts for 12 months. After a year you can see the actual outcome of your rhinoplasty nose.


Not only rhinoplasty doctors but all doctors try their best for their patients. In the end, nothing can indeed be 100% perfect. The nature has made our faces asymmetric. One side of the nose and face is slightly lower than the other.

People need to understand the limitations put by nature. They must remember that they are beautiful in how they look. Never change for the sake of people. Your beauty criterion must be on your will not of society.


**Revision surgery is sometimes required in almost 15% cases. It is due to any problem left or unsatisfied results.


In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it costs between the range of 15,000 AED to 70,000 AED.  The average cost is almost 30,000 AED but it is only surgical cost. The actual cost depends on multiple factors like:

  • The expertise and popularity of the surgeon and city.
  • The amount of work to be done on your nose.
  • Difficulty of surgery and expected results.
  • Drugs that are given before and after the surgery.
  • Checkup and consultancy visits to the surgeon.
  • Medical and laboratory tests.
  • Surgery and operation theater cost.
  • Follow-up payments.

The costs vary depending on the city, location, and nose surgeon. Do good research and find an expert surgeon at a reasonable cost.


There is a clear difference in her before and after pictures. Look at her nose how bumpy, big, wide, and droopy it was. But Dr. Maxim Ivanchuk’s work has made her nose look aesthetically beautiful.

Rhinoplasty Dubai


A wide nose rhinoplasty is a life-changing surgery. Your facial appearance becomes more pretty. It will boost your self-confidence. The more confident you are, the more powerful your personality will become. And a powerful personality ultimately leads to success in your social life.

Despite the risks and limitations of this surgery, it is worth it. You have reached the summary of this article. This means that it is nature’s call for you. Nature has brought you here. It wants you to get your rhinoplasty in the safe hands of Dr. Maxim Ivanchuck. Best wishes for your rhinoplasty Dubai!


Q1. Can rhinoplasty fix a wide nose?

Yes! Rhinoplasty can fix a wide nose problem. The rhinoplasty surgeons can reduce the size of wide nostrils.

Q2. What is the best rhinoplasty for a wide nose?

The technique, “Bulbous Tip Nose Job (Tiplasty)” is the best rhinoplasty technique for a wide nose. It works at the tip of the nose.

Q3. How much does a wide nose rhinoplasty cost?

The typical price of a wide-nose rhinoplasty is 30,000 AED. The range is from 15,000 AED to 70,000 AED because the costs depend on the work needed.

Q4. Is it OK to have a wide nose?

Of course, yes. It is natural and beautiful to have a big wide nose. Many people want a natural wide nose. You are lucky to have one.

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