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Maxim Ivanchuk

Maxim Ivanchuk is a true professional in the field of aesthetic surgery.

With years of experience under his belt and more than a thousand surgical procedures performed, he is ranked among the leading plastic surgeons in Ukraine.


Although based in Ukraine, Dr. Ivanchuk’s patients are spread worldwide and comprise people from all works of life who have come to trust his expertise and stunning results in cosmetic procedures.


Dr. Ivanchuk is widely respected in the field of plastic surgery – not only because of his success rate in helping his patients fall in love with their bodies but also his deep insights into aesthetic operations. His passion for the field has seen him develop an array of techniques that are not used anywhere else in the world.

Some of Dr. Ivanchuk’s innovative techniques include the famous “rings of venus” procedure that involves the removal of pronounced lines around the neck that was previously thought to be impossible to correct by plastic surgery. Another is a unique surgical technique that delivers permanent results without cuts or seams.

Dr. Ivanchuk is the owner of the renowned Ivanchuk’s Plastic Surgery Clinic, a facility where he conducts various procedures. These include more than 60 types of facial and body procedures, aimed at correcting congenital and acquired aesthetic defects and helping his patients regain their youthful appearance.

Part of the reason for the impressive success rate and glowing reviews is Dr. Ivanchuk’s commitment to personally attending to his patients. This enables him to understand their body goals and provide expert recommendations on how they can get their desired results.

Over the years, Dr. Ivanchuk’s surgical techniques have been celebrated by other plastic surgeons, but the body aesthetics expert is working hard to uncover more ways to help women regain their confidence in their appearance. This drive has led to the discovery of new procedures, which he has patented, and which are capable of delivering even more impressive results.


Despite his achievements, Dr. Ivanchuk is strives to deliver better results, which is evident in his numerous internships with the best plastic surgeons in the United States, Germany, Austria, and South Korea. He’s a firm believer in adopting the technique of foreign specialists to improve the quality of plastic surgery in Ukraine.


Dr. Ivanchuk’s Plastic Surgery Clinic is located near Kiev, in the city of Vyshneve. To ensure high-quality service delivery in health and comfort, only experienced professionals are handpicked to work at the facility.



Physician - General Medicine

Kyiv Medical University

Qualified Surgeon

Kyiv Medical University

General Practitioner

Ivanchuk Medical Centre

Medical Practice

Ministry of Health

Clinical Residency Diploma

Pirogov Russian National Research
Medical University

Degree in General Medicine

Kyiv Medical University


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