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Feeling less than proud of your body?
you can improve it through body modelling

We all have a dream body that we wish we have. However, genetics, weight loss, aging, daily activities and other factors can affect the appearance of our bodies, leaving us unhappy when we look in the mirror. If you’re feeling less than proud of your body, you can improve it through body modelling.

What is Body Modelling?

Body modelling refers to a group of procedures performed on different parts of the body to improve their appearance.

These procedures include:


Belly button correction: This procedure involves the removal of excess skin that causes belly button bulge, leading to a new navel appearance. It is performed for different reasons including hernia repair, reshape the belly button, make the navel smaller etc.


Brachyloplasty: Also known as arm lift, this is a type of cosmetic surgery performed to remove the excess skin and fat between the armpits and elbow. It enhances the appearance of the under portion of the upper arms to give a more toned and balanced look.


C-section scar removal:  Cesarean scars can make most women feel less confident about their body. This procedure helps to safely and effectively improve the condition of a scar so it is less conspicuous and blends in with the surrounding skin.


Skin tightening: The skin typically loses firmness due to aging, weight loss and other factors, leading to saggy or lumpy skin around the legs. This procedure aims to restore youthfulness to the legs by tightening the skin.


Knee rejuvenation: Most people dread wearing leg-baring clothes because their knees give away their age. If you’re worried about the appearance of your knees, this procedure can help rejuvenate your knees, making them look youthful and firm.

How does it work?

The journey to improving any part of your body begins with a consultation with the surgeon so you can discuss your body goals and be examined. Because body modelling consists of different procedures, the techniques the surgeon will use while working on you may differ. Also, the duration may vary but you will be told everything you need to know to prepare for the surgery and for post-operative care.

Who is it for?

You may be a candidate for body modelling if you’re unhappy about the body parts below and would like to improve their appearance:


• Belly button
• Arm
• Tummy
• Legs and thighs
• Knees

Benefits of Body Modelling

The benefits of body modelling include:


• Improved appearance
• Boost of self-confidence
• Even texture
• Freedom to wear other clothes

Body modelling is an effective way to get your dream body. If solutions like dieting and exercises are not giving you the results you want, try body modelling today at Ivanchuk Plastic Surgery Clinic. We have highly trained surgeons that can make your dream come true.


Quick Info

Belly Button Correction

Belly Button Correction is a cosmetic procedure in which excess skin, fat, and muscle tissue are removed from the navel to provide a smoother appearance. It can be performed on both males and females of any age. Belly Button Correction is typically performed as an outpatient procedure with minimal downtime. Patients can typically resume regular activities within a few days following surgery.


This is the correction of the hand’s contours with the help of an operation to remove sagging skin and fat from the inside of the upper arm. After the procedure, the hands acquire beautiful outlines, both from behind and from the front.

Cea-cesion Scar Removal

Cea-cesion Scar Removal is one of the hottest cosmetic procedures. Cea-cesion scars result from excess skin left on the body after surgery or trauma to remove a section of tissue. Cea-cesion scar removal is designed to tighten and smooth out this excess skin, which can cause discomfort and look unattractive. The procedure was developed with the FDA and has proven safe and effective.

Skin Tightening (Legs)

Knee rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure designed to reduce the common signs of aging in the knee area. These include wrinkles, sagging skin, and fat deposits. The cost of this procedure varies depending on how much tissue needs to be trimmed or removed.

Knee Rejuvenation

This is an aesthetic procedure after it skin becomes more elastic, and the degree of wrinkling and flabbiness in the knee area is reduced. There is no stitches in this procedure.



1-2 weeks

Recovery Time

1 day

Hospital Stay


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